The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University

Course Outline

Graduate School Curriculum Policy

The Graduate School provides, through its course program, common subjects and "Major Chairs". Main subjects and their purposes are explained below. The Graduate School fosters researchers and professional engineers/technologists with highly professional competence, abundant academic knowledge and a broad perspective thorough accomplishing these studies.

  1. "Integrated Agricultural Seminar", "Internet Tutorial"
    By taking and completing these subjects, students will acquire a wide range of highly professional knowledge. In addition, students will develop skills such as international communications, presentation, analyzing and assessing information.
  2. "Researcher Ethics・Professional Ethics", "Mental Health・Physical Health"
    Students will develop ethics and self-management skills required for researchers and professionals.
  3. "Special Lecture", "Special Seminar", "Advanced Seminar"
    By completing these courses, students will acquire a broad range of highly professional knowledge.
  4. "Theses Research"
    Students will receive questions and useful advice regarding their doctoral dissertation research from three supervisors at the midterm presentation held every half a year or at other occasions, and through reflecting such advice in their research, they will be led to complete their dissertation. By accumulating efforts as they advance to the next year, students will develop the ability to correctly respond to issues pointed out by third persons. The accumulated efforts will produce fruit, which will be evaluated by the final examination. Through this process, students will improve presentation skills and learn organizational skills and systematization skills that are necessary for accumulation and utilization of a wide range of professional knowledge.
  5. "Special Lecture on Agriculture (Japanese / English)" (Multi-point distance learning)
    Students will acquire a wide range of highly professional knowledge and develop international perspective and communication skills.
  6. Research on a creative subject and preparation of dissertation
    Students will learn how to solve issues, think logically and set constructive subjects, and further learn how to present their research at scientific meetings (domestic and international) and to publish academic papers, which will become the basis of doctoral dissertation.
  7. Aid for overseas travel to attend international conference
    Students will be given opportunities to enhance their presentation skills and international perspective and to have their research evaluated in a subjective manner in foreign countries.
  8. TA (Teaching Assistant) and RA (Research Assistant)
    Through assisting students' experiment, training and practice, students will accumulate practical experience for teaching. By assisting teachers' research, students will also learn in a practical situation how to conduct relevant research.

Curriculum Policy of International Joint Ph.D. Program in Food and Technology, Gifu University and Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati;

In this program, we will provide a curriculum focused on doctoral dissertation research based on standardized research literacy that incorporates elements of science and design thinking related to food science and technology, The curriculum includes study abroad in partner university as well as International collaborative research activities. By deepening your understanding of different cultures and industries in each region, you will be able to acquire adaptability to different cultures and rich internationality in addition to the above curriculum policy.

Curriculum MAP