The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University

Course Outline

Science of Biological Resources

Specialized Courses

Purification of proteins
by fast protein liquid chromatography

In order to use all of the available biological resources wisely, including animals, plants, and microbial products, and to solve underlying problems of soil and earth, this course offers deeper knowledge for the production of biological resources and multidisciplinary research on life sciences. Education and research related to the structure-function relationships of natural products, endowment of new functionality to unutilized natural resources, and efficient devices of waste treatment are systematically and collectively conducted from chemical, biological, physicochemical, biochemical as well as newly developed biotechnological standpoints.

Outline of Major Chairs [Rengo-Koza]

Utilization of Biological Resources

Artificial synthetic "HappY" peptide (top)
that identifies natural heparin (bottom)

This major chair offers studies on basic physiological, chemical and physical problems of various biological resources. We promote useful exploitation of resources for foodstuffs, energy, chemicals and feeds, new development of unused resources, effective regeneration of resources, and biological treatment of waste matters. Both education and research are focused on the practical application of these problems.

Smart Material Science

Rapid purification of organic compounds
by an automated purification instrument

This major chair is engaged in research on the understanding of biological processes through chemistry; that is, by identifying the structures of bio-active substances using spectroscopic and organo- chemical methods. In addition to the static chemistry mentioned, our research focuses on the dynamic chemistry of bio-active substances, the elucidation of the interactions of the substances, the mechanism of signal transduction, and bio-activity expression. Novel bio-active substances are developed along with advanced utilization of biological resources.

Regulation of Biological Functions

Analysis of cell function by
micro-fluorescence imaging

Through scientific characterization of biological resources including proteins, nucleic acids and other bio-macromolecules involved, effective utilization and efficient control of the biological functions possessed by all living cells are comprehensively studied. Based upon these findings, extensive research is done to develop desirable, ideal systems for bio-production using biotechnological principles, i.e., gene recombinant, cell culture, and enzyme- and cell-immobilization techniques.