The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University


UGSAS, GU Policy for Prevention of the New Corona Virus (COVID-19) Infection (updated on June 3)

update June 03,2020 Public Info

To UGSAS,GU Students,

Note: This policy is valid from June 4th. The revisions from the previous policy as of May 4th are shown in red.

I. Lecture

  • Lectures will start on May 7th. However, they should be basically done by on-line education using ICT. Regarding Specialized Subjects, you should contact your supervisor and co-supervisors how they deliver.

  • "Special Lectures on Agriculture I (Japanese)" will be held during 17-19 June using WebEX that is a kind of Teleconference system. A student can join from either home or his/her laboratory. When both are unavailable, contact to Renno Office. Details are informed later.

  • "Integrated Agricultural Seminar" will be held on Oct 21st to 23rd which changed from Aug 26th to 28th. "Researcher Ethics, Professional Ethics" (held on Aug 20th and 27th) and "Mental Health, Physical Health" (Aug 21st) will be held by using Web lecture or e-Learning system. Details are informed later. We will notify you by AIMS if the schedule changed.

  • Midterm presentation is allowed by using Teleconference and/or E-mail from June 4th till Sep 30th. After conducting either way, students should submit the report via E-mail to UGSAS office ( in a few days. Also, UGSAS rooms open and you can use for the midterm presentation but note that please conduct with avoid the 'Three Cs' for preventing COVID-19 outbreaks.

In case of Teleconference: Presentation should be done using e.g. Zoom, MS-Teams, Skype. Note that every participant must keep social distance.
In case of E-mail method: A student prepares a PowerPoint file with notes, sends it to supervisors, and receives their comments.
Using SINET room method: Be sure to wash your hands, wear masks, take sheets with keep distance as much as you can. Also ventilate the room every 30 minutes. Do not participate if you are feeling not well.

II. Research Activities

  • Student at Gifu Campus whose supervisor belongs to Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences:

If you conduct face-to-face seminar and meeting, be sure to be minimize the contact opportunities with other students and faculties. You should wear a mask, keep your fingers and hands sanitized and avoid the 3 C's (Closed space, Crowed places, Conversation at a short distance) in the campus. In addition, please keep social distance also at lunchtime.

  • Student at Shizuoka Campus and Student at Gifu Campus whose supervisor belongs to NOT Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences:

You should consult with your supervisor adequately (by E-mail, phone or etc.) and follow his/her instruction. You should also obey the policy of your supervisor's affiliation.

  • Regarding field investigation, you should consult with your supervisor adequately. When investigation is done by not alone, be sure to avoid the 3 C's (Closed space, Crowed places, Conversation at a short distance). Investigation with accommodation is not recommended.

IV. Others

  • Entrance ceremony will be postponed to October with New Students enroll in Fall.
  • UGSAS opens the main conference room at 6th floor in UGSAS Bldg. only for students who do not have a flat-rate web communication (Wi-Fi etc.) at home. This is a part of measures to prevent the spread of infection. Please fully understand for use.