update March 19, 2019 Public Info
2019:05:31:17:00:00 Calling for UGSAS, GU & GSNT, GU 6-month Sandwich Program Student (by 31 May 2019)
update March 12, 2019 News Letter
The 7th issue of the UGSAS-GU NEWSLETTER is now online(1.6MB)
update January 15, 2019 Public Info
2019:01:15:13:00:00:2019:01:23:17:00:00 Application for the Preliminary Screening of MEXT Scholarship 2019 is now open (by 23 Jan.)
update October 24, 2018 Symposium
2018:12:03:00:00:00:2018:12:04:23:50:00 6th International Workshop on Sustainability of Crop Production and Productivity under Global Climate Change
update August 7, 2018 Symposium
2018:10:16:15:00:00:2018:10:16:17:00:00 The 6th UGSAS-GU Roundtable Meeting

Three Courses in The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University

  • Science of Biological Production
  • Science of Biological Environment
  • Science of Biological Resources
  • Joint PhD Program in Food Sci. & Tech.