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update 2017/09/19 Symposium
[Report] International Symposium on Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture 2017 (August 28-30. 2017)
update 2017/08/07 Symposium
2017:08:28:09:00:00:2017:08:30:17:00:00 "International Symposium on Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture" will be held on August 28-30, 2017

The UGSAS-GU would like to inform you that "International Symposium on Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture" will be held on August 28-30, 2017 at the Main Seminar room in 6 Floor of the UGSAS-GU Building. In this symposium, twenty-two experts on Soil management such as Soil physical rehabilitation, Soil water and energy dynamics, Soil organic matter dynamics, and Erosion control engineering, from Japan, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam will deliver a talk and share their knowledges.
In addition, UGSAS-GU & BWEL Joint Poster Session on Agricultural and Basin Water Environmental Science will be held during the symposium.

Date: August 28, 2017 - August 30, 2017
Venue: Main Seminar Room (6F in UGSAS Buidling, Gifu University)
Free of charge

You can download the poster and the program from following links;
Poster Download
Program Download:Soil_Symp2017_Program.pdf (updated on August 9, 2017)

Thank you.

update 2017/05/11 Symposium
[Closed] Call for presenters for International Symposium 2017 on Soil Management

International Symposium 2017 on Soil Management

The UGSAS-GU is calling for speakers for "International Symposium 2017". The symposium will be regularly held twice a year instead of the roundtable meeting. This symposium aims at exploring the demand(s) in the field of soil management and discovering how we can contribute to sustainable agriculture through intensive discussion.

Period: August 28-30, 2017

Place: UGSAS, Gifu University Campus, JAPAN

Theme: Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture


  • Akira WATANABE (Nagoya University): Soil Organic Matter Dynamics
  • Yasushi MORI (Okayama University): Soil Physical Rehabilitation
  • Fumitoshi IMAIZUMI (Shizuoka University): Erosion Control Engineering
  • Yuki KOJIMA (Gifu University): Soil Water and Energy Dynamics


Application Download at Symposium_Application_Form.docx
Symposium Poster Symposium_Poster.pdf

We will cover the cost of accommodation for all the speakers of the symposium. In addition, we are ready to cover the cost of travel for UGSAS-GU alumni(ae). Please send your application to
by May 31, 2017.

We expect that the content of presentation is the achievement of your research or an introduction of some problems/researches in the local soil management.

In case that we receive more than 14 entries, we will need to make a selection based on the content/theme of your presentation.

update 2017/01/05 Seminar
The 7th United Graduate School of Agricultural Science Seminar is held
update 2017/01/05 Symposium
The 3rd UGSAS-GU & KU International Workshop is held
update 2016/10/06 Symposium
The 5th UGSAS-GU Roundtable & Symposium 2016 is held